Stage: C.M.B.T.

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Route From To
121C Ennore C.M.B.T.
121G Kaviarasu Kannadasan Naga C.M.B.T.
159A Ext Ennore C.M.B.T.
159AN Thiruvetriyur B.S C.M.B.T.
159E Ennore C.M.B.T.
15B Broadway C.M.B.T.
15B Ext Thiruvetriyur B.S C.M.B.T.
15B Ext Tollgate C.M.B.T.
15B Ext C.M.B.T. Ennore
15F Broadway Vadapalani B.S
23M Thiruvanmiyur C.M.B.T.
27B C.M.B.T. Triplicane
29K C.M.B.T. Mandaveli
46 T.V.K.Nagar C.M.B.T.
46G M.K.B.Nagar East C.M.B.T.
514 Periyapalayam C.M.B.T.
514 Ext Enambakkam C.M.B.T.
533 Arani C.M.B.T.
53K C.M.B.T. Meppur
558L C.M.B.T. Minjur
70K C.M.B.T. Kilkattalai
70V Koymabedu Market Guduvanchery
M121D Manali New Town C.M.B.T.
M12B Ext Fore Shore Estate C.M.B.T.
M159A Thiruvetriyur B.S C.M.B.T.
M159B Tollgate C.M.B.T.
M159D I.O.C C.M.B.T.
M159E Ennore C.M.B.T.
M27 T.Nagar C.M.B.T.
M46 T.V.K.Nagar C.M.B.T.
M46B Periyar Nagar C.M.B.T.
M46G M.K.B.Nagar East C.M.B.T.
M48C V. Nagar C.M.B.T.
M53S C.M.B.T. Thandarai
M56G C.M.B.T. Odeon Mani
M58V C.M.B.T. Red Hills
M70 C.M.B.T. Thiruvanmiyur
M70A Avadi C.M.B.T.
M70E C.M.B.T. Veppampattu
M70 Ext C.M.B.T. Semmanchery S.C.B.
M70S C.M.B.T. Kannagi Nagar S.C.Board
M88 Ext C.M.B.T. Kundrathur B.S
MH70 C.M.B.T. Gnanamoorthy Nagar
159A Dlx Thiruvetriyur B.S C.M.B.T.
15B Dlx Broadway C.M.B.T.
27B Dlx C.M.B.T. Anna Square
46 Dlx T.V.K.Nagar C.M.B.T.
46G Dlx M.K.B.Nagar East C.M.B.T.
510 Dlx C.M.B.T. Padappai
51L Dlx C.M.B.T. Tambaram East
570 Dlx C.M.B.T. Kelambakkam
591A Dlx C.M.B.T. Perambakkam
596 Dlx C.M.B.T. Thiruvallur
596A Dlx C.M.B.T. Pandur
M70 Dlx C.M.B.T. Thiruvanmiyur
PP49 Dlx C.M.B.T. Kovalam
15B AC Broadway C.M.B.T.
500C AC C.M.B.T. Chenglepet N.T.
568C AC C.M.B.T. Mamallapuram
570 AC C.M.B.T. Kelambakkam
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