Stage: Vandaloor Zoo

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Route From To
114 Red Hills Vandaloor Zoo
118P Puzhithivakkam B.S Guduvanchery
170A Madhavaram Village Vandaloor Zoo
170K Ambathur OT Guduvanchery
18L Tambaram Madambakkam
500 T.Nagar Chenglepet N.T.
500A Hasthinapuram Chenglepet N.T.
555 Tambaram Thirupporur
555M Tambaram Thirupporur
555N Tambaram Thirupporur
70A70 Avadi Vandaloor Zoo
70V Koymabedu Market Guduvanchery
A18 High Court Vandaloor Zoo
B18 Korukkupet R.S Vandaloor Zoo
E18 High Court Guduvanchery
G118 T.Nagar Kavanoor Koot Road
G18 T.Nagar Guduvanchery
G70 Vadapalani B.S Guduvanchery
M118 Tambaram Maraimalai Nagar I.E.
M18 Tambaram Guduvanchery
M18G Hasthinapuram Guduvanchery
M18N Nanganallur Guduvanchery
M500 Tambaram Chenglepet N.T.
M52 Ext Pozhichalur Guduvanchery
M55B Guduvanchery Pazhanthandalam
PP21 High Court Guduvanchery
114 Dlx Red Hills Vandaloor Zoo
170A Dlx Madhavaram Village Vandaloor Zoo
170L Dlx Kallikuppam Vandaloor Zoo
170T Dlx Kaviarasu Kannadasan Naga Vandaloor Zoo
500 Dlx T.Nagar Chenglepet N.T.
500B Dlx High Court S.P.Koil
515 Dlx Tambaram Mamallapuram
517 Dlx Pallavaram Vadanemili
518 Dlx T.Nagar Maraimalai Nagar I.E.
518 Ext Dlx High Court Maraimalai Nagar I.E.
555 Dlx Tambaram Thirupporur
566 Dlx Kundrathur B.S Thirupporur
70A70 Dlx Avadi Vandaloor Zoo
A18 Dlx High Court Vandaloor Zoo
B18 Dlx Korukkupet R.S Vandaloor Zoo
E18 Dlx High Court Guduvanchery
G18 Dlx T.Nagar Guduvanchery
G70 Dlx Vadapalani B.S Guduvanchery
PP21 Dlx High Court Guduvanchery
PP66 Dlx Vandaloor Zoo Poonamallee
500 AC Velachery Chenglepet N.T.
500C AC C.M.B.T. Chenglepet N.T.
E18 AC High Court Guduvanchery
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